About Us

Food Enterprise & Catering Service

Nanay Elvie’s Food Enterprise & Catering Service is a product of love and inspiration of a daughter to her mother.

With Nanay Elvie’s passion to share her skills and love of cooking great dishes, her daughters desire to put up the business materialized.  In addition, Nanay Elvie’s values of hardword and good service strengthened her drive to pursue the idea.

Nanay Elvie’s is an expressive catering service and food product distributor.  We believe in the power of sensory experience in every event of your life.  And our warm and social interaction will be a confidence builder for you to explore choices and make decisions.  We are optimistic about the kind of connection that we will create as we help you achieve the desire of your heart.

Our ultimate goal is to cater food that will fulfil your cravings. And to create the best event that will make you feel love with our services.

Therefore, we don’t just cooked to fill your appetite with the best food.  We will also make sure that the whole experience is a memorable moment that is worth for keeps.

Finally, we guarantee a stress-free, personalize and passion-filled products and services for you.

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